Maintaining healthy Hair

Nutrition is a part of healthy hair thats not often discussed. A healthy diet can help your hair stay strong and shiny, believe it or not a healthy diet is a contributor to the health of your hair.If you are not consuming enough protein In your diet your hair is likely to become dry brittle and weak. This can not only restrict hair growth but also it can cause hair loss.

Drinking Water is another helpful way to maintain healthy shiny hair. Drinking the right amount of water Supports hair growth and helps prevent split ends and brittle hair as well as takes care of a healthy scalp which helps prevent dryness itchiness and danderuff.

Trims are another way to maintain healthy hair (see blog post The Truth about a Trim for more info)

In order to maintain both a healthy clean scalp and healthy shiny hair you must first learn your hair type. Oily Dry or Normal Hair. In order to be able to take proper care of your hair.

once you learn your hair type you will be able to find the correct shampoo conditioner and products to complement your hair type. Using proper shampoos conditioners and products as well as the amount and how often to use them is a key ingredient in maintaining healthy hair. Sleeping on silk /satin pillow cases or with silk/satin bonnets are 2 additional ways to protect the hair from friction from other materials like cotton. Silk/satin material helps to prevent Breakage split ends tangling and thinning.

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